Our Aims

The aim of the Isabelle Lottie Foundation is to support children and their families following the diagnosis of a brain tumour. Every year in the UK about 500 children and young adults are diagnosed with different types of brain tumour. This usually marks the beginning of a life-changing and difficult journey, but having a better understanding of the illness and the treatments that are available can help families to cope and prepare for the next steps following diagnosis.

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Following Isabelle’s experience, we her family and friends have launched “The Isabelle Lottie Foundation”. We aim to improve awareness of brain tumours in children and young adults, fund and raise the profile of supporting organisations and neurosurgical research.

The Isabelle Lottie Foundation was formed in February 2014 by the family and friends of Isabelle following her diagnosis and treatment for Medulloblastoma. Izzy was just two when she was diagnosed, and she and her family have since embarked on a life-changing journey through diagnosis and treatment.